Its been a month since we have stepped into 2018. Change applies to beauty industry as well. Every year the industry witnesses creative trends. These trends break the monotony.

Change in makeup trends comprises of the complete look or individual areas of the face like eyes or the lips or cheek bones. Makeup trends are definitely susceptible to individual preferences. Some of them may be comfortable with dramatic makeup while others always want it delicate.

Let us have a look at few of the techniques that will top the charts in 2018:

Glossy lips
This year minimalist eyes, nude lips will top the charts. One must try a subtle look this year. Going minimalistic is the key to sport such a confident look. Shades of pink, red lip gloss ranging from light to dark shades will rule. Keep it simple for daytime and to pep up the night look add in a dash of bold colour. Bold lips, berry-hues, dark colors and two-toned lips are the colours of the season. Its all about contrasting look.

Minimalist make up
Less is more and this is a relief for warmer months in India. Let your natural natural beauty shine. A healthy radiant skin will be valued than the patch of thick make up on it. However this does not indicate that it will be completely free of make up. Marginal makeup with cherry lips or bold eyes, neither less nor more.

Your lips is your statement
To stand apart in social parties and gatherings statement lips is one of the best resort. The rest of the face would have an understated makeup with a statement lips. Evenings can be complemented with statement lips in bold colors with an elan of glitter.

Natural brows
Keep your brows natural and straight. You can put aside your powders, tweezers and pencils for a while. This trend is here to stay and works best for formal occasions. In case you already have natural eyebrows then half the battle is won.

Metallic Shades
Metallic shades for women with darker skin tones will be in vogue. Bronze, silver, gold shade makeup with focus on eyes and lips will be a craze to look forward to. It is best for evening wear at parties.

These are some of the trends which have witnessed high demand towards end of 2017 and will be so in 2018 too. Following any of these trends totally depends on your style and comfort.