Many of us dream to work in the beauty industry. Many are trying to get a foothold in the beauty industry. All well known and successful beauty experts and hair stylists have had a humble start. No prizes for guessing that the beauty industry requires skills and training without which once cannot have a flourishing career. Today it is not only female that are concerned about beauty but men too want to look groomed and smart

Today with so much facilities and opportunities around it is not difficult to get into a reputed beauty Academy and thereafter do internship with salons to gain a practical experience. Slowly and steadily one climbs the career ladder. The beauty industry is evolving continuously with innovative products, groundbreaking techniques and advanced technology.

There are incredible opportunities the beauty industry offers. professional salon and beauty industry offers or that it’s a multi BILLION (with a B) dollar industry. Below are some of the related career choices:


  • Salon-professional product or tool developer,
  • Color specialist, nail artist, nail technician
  • Professional hair expert , product sales representative
  • Salon manager
  • Stylist assistant, Hair cutting specialist, extension specialist, eyelash extension specialist,
  • Hair removal specialist, facial expert,
  • makeup specialist, makeup specialist, celebrity hairstylist or makeup artist, hairstylist or makeup artist on photo sets or film sets, freelance hairstylist or makeup artist

You can also do hair and make up with well known celebrity stylists and join them at well known fashion weeks.

If you are passionate in enhancing others beauty then this industry is for you .